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Dec 27

√iktor needs your help!

I’ve got some ideas for conference/group talks that I have yet to assemble, but I thought I’d let the community have a vote in what they’d think be interesting.

Proposal 1:

Git things done

Approx time: 45 minutes

"This is a case-study on moving from CVS/SVN to Git I did at a previous employer. It’s about the challenges faced - cultural problems, technical problems, process problems and touches areas like: Code reviews, agile&lean (Scrum/Kanban), pragmatisism and corporate politics."

Proposal 2:

The Kay Way - True Object Orientation

Approx time: 30 minutes

"This talk explores OO using Actors, a model of concurrency that encapsulates Alan Kays original concept of object-orientation, showing different models of composition and inheritance, message-passing, asynchronous and synchronous messaging using the Akka framework"

Proposal 3:

Faster, Harder, Actor

Approx time: 25 minutes

"At the very core of Akka lies the Executor-Based-Event-Driven-Dispatcher, or EBEDD as we call it for short. This talk goes through its design and how it manages to provide the best default for Akka Actors in terms of performance and reliability and what configuration is possible to tune it for your workloads."

Proposal 4:


Approx time: 20 minutes

"This talk is some tips and tricks to write Scala-code that can be easily consumed by Java code, with dos and don’ts and examples from Scala projects."

So what I need from you is to comment on this blog post what you’ find interesting of the above mentioned proposals, or if you have any other suggestions on what you’d like for me to present.

Thanks for helping me out!